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Starting Things Off Right AKA Alcohol Recipes

I'm gonna be real honest here, I had no idea Kahlua was a thing you could make. I've legitimately thought that it was something that only came in a bottle, which I realize does not contribute kindly to the general stereotype of oblivious millennial, but in my own defense I've only been able to legally drink alcohol for four years. In the grand scheme of things, that's not very long. A little ignorance might be deemed acceptable. 
Below you'll find two recipes for alcoholic recipes taken from my Nanny's (Great Grandma's) recipe box. One for Kahlua and the other for what is simply labeled Punch but looks delicious, in my humble opinion. I'll definitely be making the Punch if I ever turn into the sort of person that attends events with enough people to drink that amount of alcoholic punch.

A Family History In Recipes

My Mom received a recipe box from my Great Grandmother, my Dad's Grandmother, a few years back. I'm pretty sure the box belonged to her grandmother though it's possible it was just her mother, but suffice to say, that means it's pretty darn old.