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First Blog Post!

Hi there people of the internet!

I'm not entirely sure how to start this whole blogging thing, but I figured for a first post it's probably best to introduce myself and say what I'm doing here right?

I'm Lizzy, a 22 year old girl originally from Northern California who now lives in the Columbus, Ohio area. As much as I get questions from people who have lived in Ohio all their lives on why Ohio I honestly love it to death and there might be posts on that love here.

To be honest, I have no real mission statement or goal for this blog. I have a pile of subscription boxes at home in Ohio waiting for me to come back from Alabama and review them and I'd love to have posts of that nature on here, but there will probably also be a mishmash of things like my personal opinion, thoughts on living with fibromyalgia and CFIDS, pictures of my cats, and recipes.

It'll be off to a slow start because I'm currently staying in Alabama with friends through mid July and lack a…