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Would You Rather? Tag!

I have all kinds of makeup to take pictures of and review and all that good stuff but my motivation to actually take pictures of it all has been extremely lacking. So instead I’ve found a tag that looks fun to do. I, of course, have not been tagged by anyone to do it but it’s the internet so we do what we want right? Without further ado, here is my answers to the Would You Rather? tag!

November Birchbox Review

You ever have those things where when you get it you're not super stoked on it, more 'meh it's alright' than anything but after a few days you're actually really excited about it? Yeah, this month's Birchbox is that for me. When I checked my box page the first time I had a very meh reaction but looking over everything today and taking pictures of it for here I realized I'm pretty in love with it already. Though this is probably enough of my rambling, onto the good stuff!

Wet N Wild Fall 2014 Five Pan Palettes in Smoke and Melrose, and Angels in Aubergine

So I saw these at the store a few weeks ago, on my birthday actually so September 4th if we wanna get specific. I had heard nothing about them yet at the time but I noticed they were limited edition and it was my birthday so I had to snap them up. Right? Right.

I'm so glad I went with my gut at the time because they're both lovely. Both quints have a mixture of mattes and shimmers and are as buttery and smooth as you'd expect from any of the wet n wild trios or 8 pans. Now onto more pictures and swatches!

I've heard that Smoke and Melrose has dupes of Naked 3 but seeing as I don't have Naked 3 I can't say for sure on that. I can say it's pretty as hell though. It's my favorite of the two I bought and swatches beautifully.

Angels in Aubergine might not be my favorite of the two but it's still incredibly gorgeous. I love that there's a really gooddrugstore matte in this one and that red definer color is absolutely perfect. The browbone color i…

Shiro Cosmetics Review And Swatches

Awhile back I got an order in from Shiro Cosmetics, much to my excitement. I hadn't tried out many if any indie companies before then so I was a little bit cautious and only ordered some eyeshadow samples. Boy was I wrong in being cautious! The colors are gorgeous and when I order the next time, because oh will there be a next time, I'll definitely be trying some of their lip products and a full size or two of eyeshadow. 
There's a little bit of fall out like you'd find with any loose eyeshadow but nothing too terrible. I do my foundation after my eyes to keep from having to deal with that. They're also definitely best over a sticky base, but they perform fine when put over a regular primer. The sticky base is just how they really shine.
Now onto swatches! They're are swatched over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and I'd like to forewarn that my swatches aren't the best as I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do them. They're done indoors wi…

A Quickie! Nail Art and a Frankenpolish

I'm having some issues sleeping tonight so I figured I'd write up a post for this here blog thing I'm doing. It's nothing special but I figured I could share the results of a frankenpolish I made and some nail art.  The polish in the bottle! I used an old revlon polish I'd found that I don't think I've honestly ever used. It started as a VERY sheer yellow with tiny sparkles in it. To that I added some LA Colors Shimmering Loose Shadow in Black Pearl, I believe. I can't be entirely sure because I depotted it ages ago and kept it sitting around in an old spare makeup jar with the intent to do something with it. Well I finally found the use! I combined that with a bunch of Sally Girl Glitters I have and it turned out really lovely. At least in my opinion it's pretty awesome.  The result! Please don't mind the shoddy job, I'm not the greatest at painting my nails and my usual method of cleaning up the edges involves letting them look terrible u…

August Birchbox Review!

Another month, another Birchbox! I've been subscribed to Birchbox for quite awhile now. Almost a year, I want to say, but this will be the first one I'll be reviewing on this blog and one of my first actual blog posts on here! Wow, that's kinda exciting huh? I can't say I'm incredibly excited for this box, it was however nice to get in the mail as it contained a couple things I was really needing but because of budget issues have been putting off getting.
Now that's enough rambling, onto the review!
It came packaged as per usual with pretty tissue paper in the Birchbox box with a nifty little chevron print. I can't lie, I think the little pillow pack mini box thing that says 'tee-hee' is the cutest thing.  Inside was the info card. It's a bright sunny yellow color with "When you just have to keep calm and SPF on" printed on it. While KEEP CALM AND ____ is something I've seen enough of on the internet to not be particularly enthus…