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Would You Rather? Tag!

I have all kinds of makeup to take pictures of and review and all that good stuff but my motivation to actually take pictures of it all has been extremely lacking. So instead I’ve found a tag that looks fun to do. I, of course, have not been tagged by anyone to do it but it’s the internet so we do what we want right? Without further ado, here is my answers to the Would You Rather? tag!

November Birchbox Review

You ever have those things where when you get it you're not super stoked on it, more 'meh it's alright' than anything but after a few days you're actually really excited about it? Yeah, this month's Birchbox is that for me. When I checked my box page the first time I had a very meh reaction but looking over everything today and taking pictures of it for here I realized I'm pretty in love with it already. Though this is probably enough of my rambling, onto the good stuff!