Dairy Free AMAZING Banana Cupcakes w/ Spiced No Butter Buttercream

Let me start this post by saying that I'm not usually one to brag but I've been making the most delicious banana cupcakes for years. It doesn't matter what frosting I paired them with -peanut butter, cream cheese, browned butter- they always tasted amazing and they even once got rave reviews from a group of preteen girls when I was selling them at a Farmer's Market. So it's safe to say that one of my worries during the process that is going dairy free is that I won't be able to bake cupcakes that taste just as good without using real butter.

It's safe to say those worries were totally and completely unfounded. I took some of these to a church block party awhile back and everyone who tried one said they tasted great. They also passed the all important Brother Test, and he's always been brutally honest, so I know they're definitely good enough to share here.

I started by whipping up a buttermilk with some apple cider vinegar and cashew milk. I've…

Super Fudgy Dairy Free Brownies

Ya'll, I went dairy free about a week ago and let me tell you, it is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. At one point, my brother made himself a frozen pizza and I thought it seemed smart to attempt to eat a slice with the cheese taken off. It wasn't smart. It wasn't smart at all. Afterwards I read the ingredients and the crust and the sauce both had milk products in them and my stomach suffered greatly for my inability to resist pizza.

Still, outside of the one mishap I've been completely dairy free and I have to say it feels pretty good. My stomach isn't upset all the time, I've actually got more energy, and I like to think I'm doing a little less damage to animals that way.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the dairy free thing was feeling good and I've been eating healthier in general, my time of the month struck and I ended up with some pretty serious baked good cravings. It was the sort of cravings where I was laying in bed at 9o'…

Adventures In Sewing: Making My First Tote Bag!

My original intention was to make a post on this blog at least once a week, but then in a slightly embarrassing turn of events I managed to fall out of bed and sprain my right wrist. Then, of course, as soon as my wrist was better I got sick. This meant I've been out of commission for a while. I'm still sick, but I'm back and going to attempt this blogging thing some more though!

Today I'm going to bring you through my mostly successful attempt at sewing a tote bag. And by mostly successful I mean that it is a completely functional bag, is actually pretty cute and everyone who looks at it says it turned out pretty good, but when I look at it I can see all it's flaws. That's the nature of creators though isn't it? We devote hours to something, everyone else thinks it's great, but we end up going "Oh my God, look at all the mistakes though!!!" 

Thrift Shop By Macklemore Plays Gently In The Background : A Thrift Haul + Thrift Shopping Tips

Is there anything better than going thrift shopping? I'm sure there is, but not much beats the sheer pride of walking out of a store with a huge bag stuffed full of goodies you managed to score for cheap enough that you kinda almost feel bad about it. Except you don't feel bad, because you're relishing in the sweet sweet victory of getting awesome things for cheap. See? Thrift shopping is awesome.

We'll get onto the haul, but first my three favorite thrifting tips! They've been acquired through 25 years of accompanying my Mom to thrift stores. So you know they're at least half decent tips cause boy can that lady find a good bargain. I think that and making everything she cooks taste delicious might be her super powers.

Mrs Truman's Ozark Pudding

Has it really been since November since I've worked on this? Oh god, it has. I've been slacking, but Christmas brings busyness, and the fist couple months of the year brings with it the anniversary of my Dad's passing which in the end seems to mean that I forget to do things I tell myself I'll do.

Well I say no more! This year will bring with it blogging darnit! And not just limited to my transcribing of these recipes, I'm also hoping to share my own recipes as well as bring people along on my journey into craftdom. So I'll probably be sharing a lot of poorly done things for awhile, but hopefully, with time those things with improve! Expect to see some shoddy sewing projects, crooked embroidery, and delicious recipes in this space soonish, but in the meantime, onto the recipe!

Starting Things Off Right AKA Alcohol Recipes

I'm gonna be real honest here, I had no idea Kahlua was a thing you could make. I've legitimately thought that it was something that only came in a bottle, which I realize does not contribute kindly to the general stereotype of oblivious millennial, but in my own defense I've only been able to legally drink alcohol for four years. In the grand scheme of things, that's not very long. A little ignorance might be deemed acceptable. 
Below you'll find two recipes for alcoholic recipes taken from my Nanny's (Great Grandma's) recipe box. One for Kahlua and the other for what is simply labeled Punch but looks delicious, in my humble opinion. I'll definitely be making the Punch if I ever turn into the sort of person that attends events with enough people to drink that amount of alcoholic punch.

A Family History In Recipes

My Mom received a recipe box from my Great Grandmother, my Dad's Grandmother, a few years back. I'm pretty sure the box belonged to her grandmother though it's possible it was just her mother, but suffice to say, that means it's pretty darn old.