A Quickie! Nail Art and a Frankenpolish

I'm having some issues sleeping tonight so I figured I'd write up a post for this here blog thing I'm doing. It's nothing special but I figured I could share the results of a frankenpolish I made and some nail art. 
The polish in the bottle! I used an old revlon polish I'd found that I don't think I've honestly ever used. It started as a VERY sheer yellow with tiny sparkles in it. To that I added some LA Colors Shimmering Loose Shadow in Black Pearl, I believe. I can't be entirely sure because I depotted it ages ago and kept it sitting around in an old spare makeup jar with the intent to do something with it. Well I finally found the use! I combined that with a bunch of Sally Girl Glitters I have and it turned out really lovely. At least in my opinion it's pretty awesome. 
The result! Please don't mind the shoddy job, I'm not the greatest at painting my nails and my usual method of cleaning up the edges involves letting them look terrible until I take a shower and the water washes the mistakes around the edges away. I know, it's super professional. I love the color this turned out though, and I'm a huge fan of having two things I never bothered to use before turned into something I will use. 
Next I did some nail art on top of the polish I'd made! I didn't end up using everything pictured here for the nails. This is just what I pulled out to work from. I have a pretty organic system of doing nail art where I just pull out whatever polishes I think might work, lay them all out in front of me and go with whatever feels right. So far it's done me good and my nails have turned out in ways I like. 
This was the final result. I ended up using my makeup sponge to stiple on the various colors, dotting on silver and white dots and then covering it all with GLITTER. Because glitter is needed for a starry sky and not because I'm obsessed with it, nope, not at all. Okay, let's be honest here, I'm a pretty huge fan of glitter.

So that's all! I'm still figuring out this blog thing but if you have enjoyed this by some chance please comment and keep checking my page out for more posts!


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