August Birchbox Review!

Another month, another Birchbox! I've been subscribed to Birchbox for quite awhile now. Almost a year, I want to say, but this will be the first one I'll be reviewing on this blog and one of my first actual blog posts on here! Wow, that's kinda exciting huh? I can't say I'm incredibly excited for this box, it was however nice to get in the mail as it contained a couple things I was really needing but because of budget issues have been putting off getting.

Now that's enough rambling, onto the review!

It came packaged as per usual with pretty tissue paper in the Birchbox box with a nifty little chevron print. I can't lie, I think the little pillow pack mini box thing that says 'tee-hee' is the cutest thing.
 Inside was the info card. It's a bright sunny yellow color with "When you just have to keep calm and SPF on" printed on it. While KEEP CALM AND ____ is something I've seen enough of on the internet to not be particularly enthused seeing it on a Birchbox insert, it IS adorable and I love the color. It makes the Hufflepuff in me pretty happy.  

Inside the pillow pack was two products. 


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